Frequently Asked Questions

1 . When the application of the land tax reduction ?
For reduction of land tax will be made ​​annually and submitted to the Regional Administrator and the relevant Land ( location of the land ) on or before February 28 by completing the application form of land tax reduction can be obtained at the District and Land Office .

2 . Could land tax payments made ​​in other areas in that region ?
Yes. Land tax is payable where the - where the Counter Revenue District and Land Office in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

3 . What is Strata ?
Title issued for each unit / box for a multi-storey building which the units have been sold. These units are known as parcels. For example: - Parcel accessories ( if any); - And a determination of the distribution of share units vest.

4 . What is e - Tanah ?
E- Land is a project to develop land administration and management system that is fully integrated through the use of computers to achieve the government's intention to implement e-government in public service .

5.What land matters involved in the e- Tanah ?

Approval / permission Transfer / Charge
Land Acquisition

6 . Is the site involved in the pilot project ?

    Director of Lands and Mines Penang
District Land Offices Himachal Pradesh
Department of Survey and Mapping
Department of Lands and Mines ( Penang branch )
Institute of Land and Survey ( INSTUN)
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

7 . What are the benefits of e - Tanah

    More customer-friendly counter service and a single point of contact .
Customers can get information and services on- line .
Land tax payments can be made at any office of the land and on-line .
Customers get service more quickly and efficiently .
Managing Demand Survey and prints of Plan can be made on- line between land administration and mapping .
Review Technical Department can be accelerated with the help MyGDI.
Internal affairs through computer processing can be made more easily and quickly .
Facilitate decision-making process .
Facilitate the control and monitoring of the processing .
Enforcement can be made with the information available from the system.
Additional state and federal revenue .